Favorite Child

Back in August of 2016, Eric Schleicher came into town to direct the new Favorite Child's music video, while asking me to assist in directing the project. Space themed, lovers with tragic & the Amargosa Sand dunes

In the 8 years of being freelance, THIS was/is my favorite job to date. I have been friends with Mr.Schleicher for almost as long. We work well, clear, and hard together, with powerful creative collaborations. The male subject, Jamiel Nowparvar,  who is the star of the show, I have known for about 10+ years, I literally consider him a brother. I couldn't have been more thrilled when we got notes on how our subject should appear. Jamiel fit the description to a T. So we flew him in from Long Beach and shot for 2 days. We had VERY little sleep, it was over 110 degrees out during the day so we utilized both days of sunrise and sunset to shoot.  With a additional dusk & sunrise shoot with Eric to grab our b-roll and empty plates. 

Arkuma Hiyomoto did all the amazing graphics that are literally, "out of this world."

Below are behind the scenes images of our scout & shoot day, along with the video.