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What does your mum call you?


Heather Byington was born and raised in a small Minnesota town.  She craved adventure from a young age and was always as curious as a cat, wanting to know who, what, when, and why.  By the end of her junior year of high school she felt she had out grown her surroundings and decided to attend college in Minneapolis her senior year.  There she studied film instead of the typical high school courses.  After a second year of film and visual effects, she decided to focus herself on photography.  Byington has always seen things differently and the idea that every person, place, and thing has a story to tell is integral to her personal and professional life.  Her desire to find the remotest of locations - places other people simply drive past - has no limitations, even if that means trespassing.  Once there, she revels in the both the rich history and beautiful simplicity of each unique setting.

For five and a half years she provided commercial lighting for photographers throughout Minnesota and the Midwest until she finally transitioned her career focus.  Her intense love of creation and expression steered her towards personal projects involving both still photography and video work.  Byington's passionate care of her field and craft always brings something special to the table.

She currently resides in the desert and is eagerly await to travel for your next project that calls for a special eye.


  photo by: Anna Rajdl 

"I want my work to catalyze a reaction.  Whether it be a dramatic shift in perspective or a subtle change in mood, I want to actuate the viewer.  I want to provoke thought on a conscious and subconscious level; to evoke emotion where none was believed to be present.  I want to unsettle the complacent and engage the despondent.  I want to reveal beauty in the unconventional and expose nefariousness in the serene.  I want to always stimulate the viewer both visually and intellectually.  But most of all, I want to inspire them.

Every years new project begins as a personal challenge, with details & specifics all their own.  Over its course, it has evolved into a lifestyle.  I am excited, grateful, and humbled to be able to share it with you all."