Anthology of Muddled Nightmares

Heather Byington + Las Vegas + Los Angeles + Photography

"When her father passed away, the sword became hers.  The topaz in the saber's hilt had an unnatural glow, a thrumming aura that pulsed at her presence.  At an early age she could manipulate it not with her dexterity but her mind.  Without as much as a flinch, it became a floating guardian that deterred any attacker.

    The local gang of bandits, frustrated by numerous failed attempts to steal the prized relic, took to a cruel alternative.  Her brother and sister were bound and dragged to an abandoned executioner's block where they were used to lure their sibling.  She abided, but only in time to see them both murdered before her eyes.  The bandits descended upon her, thinking their trap to be a success, only to be greeted by whirling flashes of steel.  Her unbridled pain and emotion were expressed viciously, and the ground surrounding her became thick with dusty, coagulated blood.

    Knowing she brought this upon her beloved kin, she issued forth one final command.  The sword rose above her and rotated to down towards the earth.  Slowly, she opened her mouth and extended on her toes to greet it.  When she felt the cold blade against her tongue, she did not lack courage nor lose her conviction.

    As her life left her, the brilliant topaz dulled into a yellow matte stone, passing with her into another realm." -M.D. Walter


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