Anthology of Muddled Nightmares

Heather Byington + Las Vegas + Los Angeles + Photography

"The bullet entered her jaw, went through her skull, and exited out her eye socket.  As it traveled through skin and bone, something unusual happened.  The cells and fibers didn't rupture, burst, or shatter; they transformed and became verdant.  Roots took hold and rapidly filled surrounding capillaries.  Stems burst forth with a stupendous flourish.  Leaves soon grew out of the stocks, and immediately after emerged plump buds.  Just as quickly as the bullet left its chamber, flowers blossomed and stretched towards the sun.

    Reality changed.  Death was rebuked and life triumphed, only life persisted in an entirely new form.  A weapon of expunction fertilized the soil of her flesh, and the fabric that was her body became woven into the earth where she lay.  When the last echo of the shot faded, she had transformed into an exquisite garden, never again to walk but forever to be marveled upon." -M.D. Walter


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