“As the myth goes, the she-demon twins were two of the most playful yet evil creatures ever to exist.  The daughters of an unholy union between a fallen angel and a cruel hellion, they were known to play games on souls passing from the realm of living to the realm of the dead.
Their favorite game was "Tightrope of Fate", played in the mournful realm of purgatory.  Each twin held an end of a slack piece of rope and demanded the forsaken soul to walk along it.  If they succeeded, they would be rewarded with eternity in heaven.  If they stumbled, they would fall forever in the chasms of hell.
The game, of course, was never a fair one, and it was always rigged so that the wandering ghost would inevitably fail.  Even if they were prancing about with the agility and balance of Hermes himself, they would grow bored and pull the rope from underneath, laughing and giggling as the plummeted through the underworld's infernos.”-M.D.Walter

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