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“The sight of the Ethereal Gates forced her into action.  She stood with her toes on the edge of the ferry's deck.  Beneath the water of the Lake of Transcendence lay the bones of innumerable individuals.  Some were humans attempting to enter the immortal realm; others were demigods being thrown from deities' courts.  Regardless of the bloodline of the person who entered the water, their life was sapped from them immediately by the power of its magical enchantment.

Knowing her conscience could not be cleaned, she was set on destroying her awareness of her past.  With a final deep breath, she calmly flexed the muscles in her legs and leapt into the lake.

The magic was, indeed, strong and took effect instantly.  Her body locked up and became rigid.  She felt herself being dissolved, not violently or horrifically but simply the fabric of her body being removed from existence.  The eradicating flame that she possessed was extinguished like a match dunked in a small cup of water.  Before she ceased to be, she distinctly felt herself liberated from the crushing gravity placed on her soul.” -M.D. Walter


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