We all have our obstacles, and all our obstacles are different. Your goals, achievements, and obstructions should never be compared or contrasted to anyone else's. Because of this, we should not value the size of the obstacles we've surpassed, but the passion and vigor with which we approach them. Some perceived failures are much more impressive than any success. A lazy and shortsighted CEO who has inherited his company from his father pales in comparison to a mentally and physically disabled teen who has painstakingly learned to dress himself. What is important is to always continue to challenge yourself. Challenge yourself at any risk and cost. Don't keep hopping over the same small stone, and don't keep avoiding the 20,000ft mountain. Your small stone may be someone else's mountain, and your mountain may be another's small stone. So focus on your own life and keep pushing forwards. Set forth every day with purpose and intent. Believe in yourself again and again and again.


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