"All eyes on me"

A man from North Dakota once said to me, " Don't expect anything from me and I will never let you down." Despite his warning, I gave him the opportunity to let me down. And he did, in ways I wasn't prepared for. I spent years fortifying myself; I built walls and ramparts from the bricks and mortar of my heart. But what good is a castle if you give the wrong person a key to the gate.

We are all in fishbowls, and too many people have their faces pressed up against the glass. They tell you how to swim, what to eat, who to play with, , and how to live. The internet has only served to amplify this problem as it has made our lives exponentially more public.

Don't live for someone else. Don't be ashamed of who you are. Don't be embarrassed to be human. We all want love. We all want acceptance. Just don't pursue them by becoming a puppet of social pressures. Earn them by honoring who you are and staying true in the face of scrutiny. I am just another human. Don't view me as anything else.


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